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Why Do Small Business Owners Need Someone to Edit Their Promotional Material?

Small businesses, especially start-ups, need to make a good first impression. That’s what advertising is all about. Sometimes small businesses advertise using door-to-door flyers, and frequently they have websites that customers can visit. The minute somebody lands on your website, they expect it to be professional; therefore, you can’t have any errors.

“But I rely on spellcheck,” you reply. Don’t. Microsoft Word’s spellcheck is a great place to start, but that’s all it is—a beginning. If you want perfect copy, you need somebody to read your work word by word. Artificial intelligence is not smart enough to replace human editors. There are all kinds of things that your spellcheck will not pick up. For example, you may want to emphasize the fact that your company is just getting off the ground. So you say that you had your “big lunch” two months ago except you meant to say “big launch.” … Read more

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Hazardous Waste Cleaning


Exposure or ingestion of hazardous wastes or chemicals poses a serious threat of illness. Keeping environments clear of hazardous material is imperative to ensuring personal and public safety. Waste is considered hazardous when its contents have the property to harm human health or the environment. Tackling hazardous waste is dangerous without the proper protective equipment and expertise. Oates Environmental are experts in cleaning and clearing hazardous wastes and environments.

Firstly, find out whether a waste is hazardous and classify this waste. Check the waste code associated to the material. Usually, hazardous waste will have an asterisk after its name. Some wastes may be considered both hazardous and non-hazardous. This depends on how much of a dangerous substance the waste contains. At this point you must determine how much hazardous waste is present in the material. This information is usually found on the manufacturer’s product safety data sheet. If you are … Read more

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Big Data Five Impacts on Businesses


Big data’s revolution is here to stay. Few businesses today dispute the advantages that big data confers to their operations. Even so, breaking down data silos, deriving useful insights from data, and converting insights into actions is a challenge. If companies can capture all data streams, they stand to benefit from big data analytics. In turn, big data assists these companies to leverage customer feedback, keep abreast of business trends, reduce operational expenses, and increase profits. Given that, accessible data analytics and visualization affects business in several critical ways. Below are five ways in which big data analytics and visualization affects business at the macro level.

Enhancing Lean Management Processes

Lean management techniques focus on improving business efficiency and cost reduction. In this way, big data analytics helps improve quality such as in the pharmaceuticals and mining industries. Timely inventory management and waste reduction concepts facilitate compliance to the goals … Read more

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