How Much Commission Should You Pay Affiliates?

If you want to run a successful affiliate program, paying your affiliates the right amount of commission is key. With the right amount of incentive you’ll have hard working affiliates who bring customers for you every month. Without a high enough commission rate, you’re affiliate program will be running dry with no sales. This guide will be walking you through exactly how much commission you should pay your affiliates.

Let’s answer your question of how much commission should you pay affiliates, with the most accurate answer possible.

How Much Commission Should You Pay Affiliates?

You should pay your affiliates above the average affiliate commission rate for the industry you are in. We recommend that you pay your affiliates 5-10% more then the industry average. By paying your affiliates more then the average affiliate program does, you’ll do 4 things that make the most successful affiliate programs do as well.

  1. You’ll attract better quality affiliates.
  2. You’ll attract more affiliates.
  3. You’ll retain affiliates for longer
  4. Affiliates will refer you more sales.
  5. Affiliate will refer you sales faster.

Affiliate marketers need to be properly incentivized in order to have them promote your products and services on a consistent basis. Long term affiliates stay loyal to the affiliate programs that continually reward them for sending referrals.

For example…

If the average affiliate commission rate in your industry is around 30%, then you should pay your affiliates a 40% commission. By having a higher commission then other competing affiliate programs, your offer will stand out while also retaining your affiliates longer.

Why Should You Pay Affiliates A Good Commission Rate?

Paying your affiliates a generous commission percentage will put your affiliate program above others. Because affiliate marketers often compare a wide range of affiliate programs before choosing the one they want to promote.

And one of the most important factors that decides if they’re going to promote any affiliate offer, is the amount of commission they are going to receive. Pay you affiliates well, and preferably above average, and you’ll get more customers in the long run!

You should take time to show your affiliates the lucrative amount of commissions they can earn.

Can You Pay Affiliates To Small Of A Commission?

Yes, and paying your affiliates to small of a commission rate can compromise your affiliate program. Affiliates, just like you and me, want to be well compensated for the services they provide. Affiliates will only join, promote, and consistently generate sales for – affiliate offers the pay them well.

Do not be afraid of losing profits from paying more in commissions. You’ll actually generate more sales and profits in the long run by making sure to highly incentivize your affiliate marketers.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you pay your affiliates enough in commissions, and they’ll stay loyal to your affiliate program. We’ve been affiliates for some of the companies that have paid us, for over 10 years. The reason why? We’ve been paid well. And when your affiliates are awarded with commission and special awards as well, they’ll want to be an affiliate for life.

Affiliate marketing should be enjoyable and profitable for affiliate marketers and affiliate program owners alike!

We hope you truly enjoyed this walkthrough!

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