Affiliate Marketing Conversion Reporting And Analytics

The data you collect in affiliate marketing is crucial for making decisions that effect your profits. One of the most important metrics to monitor, is your affiliate marketing conversions. This article will be walking you through in depth affiliate marketing conversion reporting and the best ways to analyze the reports you generate.

Your conversion rates as an affiliate drastically effect your earnings, which is why good reports are so important. Let’s walk through how to analyze this data regarding conversions as an affiliate and see how we can grow these metrics over time.

How To Analyze Affiliate Marketing Conversion Reporting

In order to successful gather accurate conversion data, you need to have good affiliate marketing tracking in place. Most affiliate programs have this in place already, so all you’ll need to do is go to the tracking in your affiliate back office. This tracking will tell you important metrics like…

  1. Totals conversions and sales generated
  2. Total leads generated
  3. Your conversion rate from a lead to a sale
  4. And much more

You can then analyze this data to get a clear picture of where your affiliate marketing stats are compared to other affiliate marketers. Ask yourself questions about this information like…

Why Is Affiliate Conversion Reporting Important?

How you interpret your conversion reporting and information is just ad important as your ability to generate it. Conversion reports show how well or how poorly you affiliate business is optimized.

Well optimized affiliate marketers have good conversion rates which indicate their lead generation, follow up, and offer are all aligned.

Bad conversion rates across affiliate marketing campaigns often indicate inadequate affiliate offers, bad audiences viewing your offers, and other potential issues.

Make sure that you have accurate tracking otherwise your reporting on your conversions won’t be true. You can also manually calculate your affiliate conversions with this formula…

Why Analyze Your Affiliate Conversions For Irregularities?

Every piece of data for an affiliate marketer can be an indication of potential. This means each piece of information you learn can help you make better decisions as an affiliate marketer.

Monitoring metrics and statistics is necessary so you understand what is actually happening in you business. Otherwise, your optimizing and guessing at what’s working for you.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article and now can analyze your conversions and affiliate business better. Apply what you’ve learned and you’ll see your business as an affiliate surely grow.

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Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg