Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face?

It’s not commonly known throughout the affiliate marketing industry, but the vast majority of affiliate sales are done by affiliate marketers who never have to show their face. This might be a surprise to many, because you’re using to seeing big name affiliate marketing influencers – like Adam Enfroy, Matt Diggity, and Jon Weberg.

So yes, you can do affiliate marketing without showing your face. In fact, you can be an affiliate marketer completely anonymously, no one will even hear your voice! Some of the most successful affiliates are unknown.

After being in affiliate marketing for over 20 years and producing millions of dollars in sales – we’re quite experienced at knowing how to generate affiliate sales without being well known.

You’ll find that the 5 best ways to do affiliate marketing without your face are going to be…

  1. Content Creation And Blogging
  2. Running Paid Ads
  3. Becoming A Part Of Affiliate CPA Networks
  4. Create A YouTube Channel
  5. Use Social Media Marketing Anonymously

Here’s the rest of the guide on exactly how to implement these affiliate marketing strategies without having to have anyone ever see your face.

You can do the following in order to hide your face while being an affiliate…

  • Keep images of you below your face
  • Use your voice instead of your face
  • Use other people’s content and record over it
  • Hire someone else to use their face
  • Make a false or pretend personality to be the face of operations
  • Don’t use your face at all

Content Creation And Blogging

You can run a blog and create different kinds of content without your face ever being seen! Yes, there are thousands of content creators and bloggers who are completely anonymous.

Some people create content with a fake name, while others use their voice but don’t show their face.

Write Articles And Attract Affiliate Customers To Your Blog

When writing articles for a blog or content piece, you don’t have to use your face or name. Some writers even create, “pen names” in replacement of their name. You can consider doing this yourself.

By writing articles and ranking SEO content in the search engines you’ll be able to generate traffic and customers for any affiliate business you’d like.

Running Paid Ads

The best way to grow an affiliate business without having to share your face or voice – is through paid ads! By running paid ads of any kind…

  1. You never have to show your face
  2. You never have to use your voice
  3. You never have to create your own content even!

Because paid ads consistent off paid content pieces that advertisers direct their consumers to view. You can create images for the ads, hire someone else to make an ad, and so much more. You can feel safe knowing your affiliate business won’t crash just because you aren’t showing your face.

Becoming An Affiliate For A CPA Network

You can also join a CPA affiliate Network in order to promote affiliate offers anonymously. CPA networks hire our affiliate marketers to promote their advertisers offers in exchange for revenue share and commission percentages of sales generated.

Some CPA networks are free and require very little personal identification, while some others are more restrictive and may require some kind of proof that you are a real person.

Create A YouTube Channel

Most people believe that you have to be the face of your YouTube channel in order for it to be successful. This isn’t true! You can create videos that go viral on YouTube without ever once showing your face on camera.

In fact their are thousands of YouTube channels with millions of subscribers who never show their face or voice ever. On occasion some will use their face. However, many channel owners simply record below their face, or use other videos of content instead of recording themselves.

Use Social Media Marketing Anonymously

You can create a persona that represents you, instead of having your face across social media marketing accounts. This is how some affiliate focus on building a brand versus building their own brand name.

They market products and services as an affiliate anonymously and never have to show any personal information of any kind!

Final Thoughts

If you really don’t want to show your face or have people know what affiliate offers you are promoting, this article gave you precise details on exactly how to be a “faceless” affiliate marketer.

Thank you so much for reading, your interaction and engagement is highly appreciated!

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg