How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

Yes, you can definitely do affiliate marketing without followers and we’re going to tell you exactly how! New entrepreneurs and everyday people are learning about the affiliate marketing niche. They want to know how it works, how it can be done profitably, and even how to do affiliate marketing without followers of any kind. Step by step this guide will walk you through, exactly how to do this. In fact…

We have done this ourselves! When we got started in affiliate marketing we had very little money and zero following of any kind. With the strategies we’re going to share, we were able to grow a multi-million dollar affiliate business over time. Let’s get started…

Do You Need Followers To Do Affiliate Marketing?

No, many affiliate marketers start off doing affiliate marketing without any followers at all. Most affiliates don’t build a genuine following until years after they get started. A following can help you initially sell your affiliate products and services faster – but it is not necessary.

There are very little to few qualifications you need in order to be an affiliate marketer, and having a following isn’t one of them.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Followers

Create Content To Attract Your Ideal Customers

Content creation is an entirely free method you can use for generating sales as an affiliate. As you create content over time you will attract…

  1. Leads
  2. Customers
  4. Brand building

You can create content across any social media sites, blogging, and so much more. If content is valuable enough for your viewer, they may check out some of your affiliate links you refer them too. Content creation is a long term game that if played right can grow an affiliate business for decades.

Follow Up With Leads Consistently

The biggest stumbling block for all businesses and affiliate marketers alike – is the lack of follow up. You must follow up and email broadcast to your leads on a daily basis. Yes, every day, or at least once per week. You should be emailing and following up so you can turn more of your leads into customers.

Follow up gives your leads and audience more information, builds a bond with them, and shows you care about them. So, follow up regularly with your audience.

Direct Message & Do Cold Outreach

If you want to generate sales as an affiliate, simply reach out to possibly interested prospects about how you can provide value to them. Never, just start messaging pitches to strangers.

You’ll want to message ideal prospects and build a relationship with them. Provide actionable real value, helpful content, and more. Then as you build a strong enough relationship and thoroughly understand their problems and needs – considering offering your affiliate product or service as a solution.

Generate Your Following Over Time

You don’t have to start off with a following, but you certainly can build one over time. Most affiliate marketing experts and influencers have built a large following for over a decade. If you want to build a scalable and highly profitable affiliate business, you can do the same.

Consider building your own following through…

  1. Content creation
  2. Relationship building
  3. Running ads

Post Your Affiliate Offers In Forums And Groups

Yes, while forums and private groups are not as common as they used to be, they still can be potential places to generate sales. Make sure you aren’t blatantly spamming groups with any offer. You’ll want to post very helpful content and attract people to message and want to work with you. This again builds trust and will increase the likelihood of someone actually buying from you.

Create YouTube Shorts & Video Content

YouTube shorts and video content are great ways to potentially some affiliate commissions. People love watching videos and often they will check out your bio, links in your description, or possibly become a follower of yours.

Creating videos takes time and a lot of effort, but in the long run can definitely be worth it. Think about all of the largest YouTubers in the world and how they can practically sell any product, endorsement, or service they want. You can do the same as an affiliate marketer.

What Is Needed For Affiliate Marketing?

There are only a few things you’ll need to do affiliate marketing successfully. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to be efficient and run a profitable business.

  1. Dedication
  2. Ability To Communicate With Leads & Prospects
  3. Quality Affiliate Offers To Promote
  4. Tool Or Software To Follow Up With Leads
  5. Internet Access

And that’s pretty much it! As long as you have a device that can access the internet, and affiliate programs you can promote, then you can start your affiliate marketing journey!

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg