Trademark Registration in Italy

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Do you need to trademark registration Italy? This article will give you a definitive guide in 7 steps that you can easily put into practice. Trademark registration Italy has never been easier, Let’s start with simple and easier steps.

1. Priority Search in Italy

This step, optional but strongly recommended, will allow you to check if someone has already registered a trademark equal (or too similar) to yours. If so, then you have a problem. That is why it is advisable to do an anteriority search before trying to register your trademark. Look for any variations of your brand, keeping in mind that if you find some already registered, you will be at risk of receiving opposition if you try to register the brand anyway. The search for anteriority should be done with great meticulousness.

2. Priority Search in the European Community

Once you have completed the search for anteriority in Italy (and your brand has successfully passed it), then you should also do the same type of search in the database of Community trademarks (i.e. of the European Community).

This is because even if your brand is free in Italy, this does not mean that someone has not already registered it in all the European Community (Italy included). Since these are 2 different databases, you wouldn’t find out with just the search in Italy.

3. Choice of Classes Based on the Nice Category

At this point you are almost ready to complete your trademark registration Italy. But some planning is needed first.What you need to do now is find out in which commercial categories you need to register your brand. These commercial categories are called classes and, according to the nice international agreement, 45 have been established. Among these 45 different classes, you should find out which ones are most relevant to your situation.

4. Completing the Form C

Now that you have established which classes of products and services you will have to register the trademark in, you are ready to fill in Form C. This form is the real question that you will have to fill in to request the registration of your trademark.

Here’s How to Fill in the Most Important Sections of Module C:

  • Identification data of the application
  • Classification
  • Priorities
  • Applicant
  • Elective domicile
  • Documentation attached or subject to presentation

5. Compilation of any Additional Sheets

While filling out form C, you may have realized that you need one or more additional sheets.Let’s see how we can start?

  • If you need to insert other applicants, go to and download the specific additional sheet for this purpose. Fill it in on the PC and print it, then affix the signature and any stamp.
  • If you need to insert additional classes, go to and download the specific additional sheet. Also, in this case, fill it in on the PC and print it, then affix the signature and any stamp.

6. Preparation of Attachments, Bulletins and Revenue Stamps

After filling out form C and any additional sheets, the bulk of the work is done. Now you simply need to prepare:

  • A copy of the applicants’ identification document.
  • A copy of the trademark to be registered printed on sheet 4, with the specific signature of the applicants and any stamp;
  • 2 revenue stamps of 16 euros each
  • A € 43 postal order, made out to your local Chamber of Commerce.

7. Filing the Application with the Local CCIAA

Finally, your preparation work is finished. Now you simply need to file the application with your local Chamber of Commerce. You should go there and look for the patent and trademark office. Don’t forget to bring all the material you have already prepared with you:

  • Form C;
  • Any additional sheets;
  • A4 sheet with the copy of the trademark;
  • Recognition documents of applicants (plus any proxies if there are more than one);
  • Stamps;
  • Postal bulletin already paid.

The filing will last about half an hour, after which your trademark registration Italy file will be officially filed. At this point, the Chamber of Commerce officer will give you the original authenticated certificate of deposit.

If you have followed these instructions well and, above all, if you have done an impeccable search for anteriority, your practice will not receive opposition and, after at least 6 months, your trademark will obtain registration. Then your Chamber of Commerce will invite you to withdraw the actual registration certificate.