Top 10 Affiliate Marketers You Should Know

By learning about the top affiliate marketers in the world, you can also potentially learn their top affiliate marketing strategies. Affiliate marketers are well known for their ability to refer other businesses sales in exchange for a commission. The best affiliate marketers are able to generate millions of dollars per year doing this.

After being in affiliate marketing for over 20 years, we have personally worked with nearly every affiliate on this list. So, we can verify that these are truly the top affiliate marketers you should know and follow in 2023. Let’s go through the list now…

List Of The Top 10 Affiliate Marketers

Matt Diggity

Currently one of the top marketers and SEO experts in the world, Matt Diggity is also an affiliate marketing leader. After owning multiple blogs that are highly profitable, Matt has built a team and influence in the affiliate marketing industry. Matt has generated millions of dollars online in his career and seemingly will continue to be a driving force in our industry.

He’s most notably known for, where he shares his insights on SEO and affiliate marketing across his content channels.

Jon Weberg

One of the most impactful and vibrant affiliate marketers that’s about to change the industry forever, is Jon Weberg. While being one of the most well known young affiliates to ever exist, he’s a second generation affiliate marketer ready to change the world. Speaking in front of 10,000’s and going on nearly over 100 podcasts in the past year alone, Jon is on a spree to reach the masses.

You can find Jon on his YouTube channel and also on his various websites. Whether you’re looking for an affiliate marketing coach or affiliate speaker, he’s someone every affiliate marketer throughout the world should be learning from.

Richard Weberg

With over 20 years of experience underneath his belt, Richard Weberg is a longstanding affiliate marketing founder. Richard has helped 10,000’s of affiliates over the years get started in the industry. After owning multiple different businesses like LeasedAdSpace, YourEightSteps, and many others – Richard Weberg is the true definition of an affiliate marketing expert.

You can read his blog and learn more about him from his fast growing YouTube channel that has began picking up some attention.

Adam Enfroy

A newly growing SEO affiliate marketer who is great at what he does, Adam Enfroy is another top affiliate marketer to learn from. Over the past 2 years his blog has grown faster then any other in the industry! If you want to do seo affiliate marketing successfully, then consider checking out his website and blog.

Anik Singal

Anik Singal is among the most kind and transparent affiliate marketers of our generation. Anik created his infamous and has been training all kinds of marketers to improve their businesses through a variety of verticals over the years.

Anik is truly skilled and has generated millions of dollars as an affiliate marketer. You should definitely learn from his expertise and courses that he offers at affordable prices.

Craig Campbell

Another SEO affiliate marketer that speaks quite often across the world, Craig Campbell is a great friend of ours. He loves traveling and speaking whenever he can get the chance, especially in warm weather climates. Craig has been both an affiliate marketer and SEO expert for years while also running an agency.

Craig can be found and contacted from his website where he educates his audience very well.

John Crestani

An infamous and well known affiliate marketer that has generated millions of his career, is John Crestani. John is well known for his YouTube videos and style of marketing that is very unique when compared to others. John is a great affiliate marketer who only mainly specializes in affiliate marketing and CPA affiliate networks.

You can find him on YouTube or on his website.

John Chow

While John Chow isn’t the same affiliate marketer he used to be, he is still wildly successful with the business practice. John has been among the top promoters in one of the largest affiliate marketing companies to ever success, MOBE.

Now John promotes mainly his blogging course, and other smaller ticket affiliate marketing programs.

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is a well known affiliate marketer who has an extremely large reach. However, as of more recently he hasn’t been creating the same buzz and well known affiliate campaigns when compared to his past success. But, don’t let this fool you. Pat is still a legit affiliate expert who has been a staple in the industry for years.

Ryan Allaire

A direct mail affiliate marketer who has even worked with Paula Abdul, Ryan Allaire is a great friend of ours. He specializes in using direct mail to create successful affiliate marketing campaigns. Ryan is a very kind and honest affiliate marketer who loves working with others.

We even spoke at his event in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2022.

What Makes An Affiliate Marketer Great?

There are a variety of different factors to consider when deciding which affiliate marketers are the best throughout the world. Here is the list of factors we used when deciding who the top affiliate marketers were…

  1. Total Revenue Generated
  2. Profit Margin Accomplished
  3. Transparency And Care For Their Customers & Audience
  4. Number Of Successful Affiliate Campaigns In Different Niches
  5. Length Of Time Being An Affiliate

How Many Affiliate Marketers Are There?

There are well over 3 million affiliates in the United States alone, and an estimated 10 million affiliate marketers throughout the entire world. Most affiliate marketers are in the lower to middle class range of income.

How Can You Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer?

If you want to become like one of these affiliate marketers then there is a few ways you can get started. To become successful in affiliate marketing you will need…

  1. Quality Affiliate Programs To Promote
  2. Good Commission Rate
  3. Access To The Internet
  4. Mobile Device, Computer, LapTop.
  5. Basic Knowledge Of How Affiliate Marketing Works

Final Thoughts

This list of affiliates above are by far the most impressive affiliates you can learn from or work with. We highly suggest you reach out or visit any of their websites to learn more about them.

We appreciate you reading through this article and learning more about affiliate marketers in todays world.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg