Best Affiliate Marketing Speakers To Hire

Many affiliate marketing and business event holders are looking for the best speakers they can get their hands on. The top speakers can draw in more people to buy tickets, give your attendees a better experience, and make your event produce more profit. This list of the best affiliate marketing speakers will include some of the best affiliate marketers in the world.

It’s highly recommended that you reach out to these affiliates and see if they’d have interest to speak at any of your in person or online events. If you offer to pay them, or take care of their traveling expenses, you’ll have a much high speaker acceptance rate!

List Of Best Affiliate Marketing Speakers

Jon Weberg

An up and coming experienced young speaker who is among the best affiliate marketing experts in the world, Jon Weberg is a great choice to work with. Jon Weberg has spoken in front of both online and in person audiences totaling over 500,000 attendees. He brings a genuine energy to the stage and also brings along is top tier knowledge of the affiliate industry.

Considering hiring Jon for virtual and in person conferences, event, masterminds, and more. He is an experience affiliate marketing with experience also in…

  1. Email marketing
  2. Conversion rate optimization
  3. Growth marketing
  4. Sales process and funnel design
  5. Sales

Craig Campbell

One of the most widely traveled affiliate marketing experts that’s also well known, Craig Campbell is a premium speaker choice to have at any event. Craig loves sunny and warm weather locations, keep that in mind if you may be in a more cold climate location. Craig is well known traveler who loves speaking whenever and wherever he can.

Considering hiring Craig and partnering with him for any affiliate marketing and SEO opportunities. As Craig also is an SEO affiliate marketing expert.

Craig is more interested in physical events then digital events. Hire him for events and masterminds that consist of…

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Email Marketing

John Cristani

Even while John Cristani has been changing his focus over the past few years, he is still among the best affiliate marketers in the world. He is a great speaker who is enthusiastic and upfront with an audience. He has done a variety of trainings and masterminds of his own over the years as well.

John’s main specialty is focused on both affiliate and email marketing. He has began managing his own businesses and does less affiliate marketing then he used to.

Consider hiring John for…

  1. Affiliate Marketing events
  2. Email Marketing events

Matt Diggity

One of the most well known SEO experts in the world, also happens to be an expert affiliate marketer. While Matt Diggity doesn’t normally offer affiliate marketing coaching, he certainly would be open to it for the right price. Matt is more of an SEO expert, who does affiliate marketing at the same time. He has a similar expertise when compared to people like Kyle Roof and Craig Campbell.

Consider hiring and working with Matt for…

  1. Affiliate marketing events
  2. SEO events

Why Hire An Affiliate Marketing Speaker?

Hiring a top affiliate marketing coach or expert is crucial for making sure your affiliate related events are successful. Affiliate marketers and attendees want to work and learn from speakers who are mainly affiliate marketers themselves.

Most audiences get upset when they have speakers who don’t specialize in the same field they are in. “Celebrity” speakers are great, except they often don’t have relevant experience to share with conference or event attendees.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical for you to only work with the best affiliate marketing speaker possible. Whether you have an online or in person meet up, make sure you have between 1-3 top affiliate speakers at the event ready to go.

Thank you so much for reading through this article. After being in the affiliate marketing industry for over 20 years, we have worked closely with speakers and are ourselves among the best affiliate speakers in the world.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg