This Business is Suitable for Those Who Live Around the Beach!

While enjoying the beauty of the beach, you can also open up business opportunities. However, what kind of business should be built? Here are ten business ideas for those of you who live on the beach:

1 Selling Food and Beverages

Food and drink is a never-ending business. All humans need both to survive. The atmosphere on the beach will feel complete if these foods and drinks are available. However, there needs to be an adjustment to the menu that is sold. For food, you can provide a seafood menu, such as fish, crab, shrimp and squid. For drinks, the drinks include young coconut water, orange ice and lemon ice.

2 Selling Souvenirs

The beach area is very suitable as a center for selling souvenirs. Unique and distinctive souvenirs will always be sought after by many people. Apart from t-shirts, you can also sell accessories such as bags, necklaces, hats, glasses and bracelets. This souvenir will sell even more if it has the name of the beach in question carved because it can be used as a souvenir.

3 Selling Kites

Flying kites on the beach? It will definitely look fun. The holiday atmosphere will also be increasingly felt. Strong coastal winds really support you to sell kites. Provide a simple, but unique kite model. Don’t forget to provide a variety of sizes, from small, medium to large.

4 Rent a Mat

People who visit the beach usually bring their extended family. The number can reach 8-10 people. Here, you can take advantage of the amount of time to open a mat rental business, so that the atmosphere of family gatherings will be more pronounced. Coupled with a beautiful view of the beach.

5 Rent Snorkel Equipment

Snorkeling or diving is a mandatory activity for some people who travel to the beach. The beauty of underwater biota is an attraction for snorkeling activities. Diving is suitable if the beach water conditions are calm. The existence of snorkeling equipment rental services will make it easier for visitors to enjoy the beautiful panorama under the sea. In addition, you will also get a hefty profit.

6 Rent a Surfboard

Not all beaches can be used as a place for surfing. Only beaches with calm waves free of coral are suitable for surfers. Visitors who want to feel the sensation of the beach definitely need a surfboard as their equipment. This opportunity is worth aiming at.

7 Pool Tire Rent

This swimming ring is perfect for visitors who are not good at swimming, but still want to swim. For that, you can open a swimming tire rental business.

8 Rent a Tents

The beach is the right place to stretch out your body, enjoy the cool air, and enjoy the health of UV rays. This is what should be a business opportunity. The tents provided don’t need to be luxurious, because the simple ones are enough.