Strategy Of Developing Business Using Technology

Information Technology is an important part of people’s lives. People can directly experience the benefits of information directly to recognize the development of the world, including business development. Information technology can make communication and work completion indirectly without having to meet, so that production in the industry becomes more efficient and effective. If the company does not master and apply information technology in its industry, the company will be left behind by its competitors. If you want to grow your business based on technology and information, you can visit SoftTeco.

Getting information, companies need to spend a lot of capital. Even so, companies still have to do it because the use of information technology is one of the parameters of a company’s superiority. The price paid has a comparable opportunity cost. The use of information technology to the business development of a company is important, in addition to the management that also must be addressed.

Today the development of technology has an important role and can not be separated from the company’s business. The development of information technology can provide various facilities in running business activities. Although, information technology also provides convenience and convenience, on the other hand information technology can also be used for your business purpose to achieve the goals as applied here. Therefore in its use must be done well and very useful for business development.

Information technology is useful to help company performance.

This can be done by collecting or automating the routine activities of the organization, thereby easing the work of the employees. So, along with the increasing value of the company, the use of good Internet information technology, such as: email, and electronic bulletin boards, intranets, databases, electronic data management systems and knowledge management systems to improve knowledge sharing among employees.

At the company, all information and knowledge is codified and collected in a database so that it is easily accessible and used by anyone within the company. Part warehousing and production, information technology can be used to control the amount of goods produced and the amount of goods out, so that data can be more accessible and more thorough.

Information technology is useful to facilitate managers in finding information about employees.

Employee salary becomes easier because it can be sent directly through account transfer. Managers may hold special meetings or meetings at specific times without having to meet in person, for example: through video call. Delivery of proposals or employee tasks to managers is made easier by using email as an infrastructure to send mail.

Financial management becomes easier to control.

By using software for financial and accounting cash flow recordings are easier to control and easy to access and more efficient and effective. Financial records are also more practical because they do not require books for manual recording.

Strategy to Market Corporate Products Using Information Technology

Technology in marketing has an important role to enhance the existence of a company or a business entity. At this time if the marketing is not supported by the development of advanced information technology, can not work optimally. The role of technology in marketing can support activities that are interconnected, intended to plan, determine the price, as well as the relationship with the promotion, and distribution of goods or services to consumers. So that product marketing can run optimally.

In this field of information technology marketing is needed for marketing activities. Marketing activities that utilize information technology such as product promotion via internet, online goods sales, and providing costumer service online service. Example: Amazon who sells books with online marketing. The company uses costumer relationship management (CRM) applications. So Amazon has a competitive advantage from its competitors. The app can help manage the company’s relationships with customers. This affects the company’s performance to be more effective. Similarly in the country, now has many local sites that sell goods or services online and provide services online costumer service as well. Generally companies that grow and focus on customers will be more sensitive to changes in information technology.

Utilizing the Internet network to market the product, became one of the special strategies for the company to expand its market opportunities. Currently, many business people are successfully exporting leading product created thanks to the help of the Internet network. This is a clear evidence for them that the Internet provides an important role for the progress of business in the country.

In the country most of the residents already use the internet in everyday life, the average community access the internet at least 2 hours a day, and most visited are social media, browsing, read news, check email, download / upload, and chat. Each year users will continue to increase.