Sam Ovens Review: The Founder Of Skool And

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, Sam Ovens is an influential multi-business owner. Sam has been in business for well over a decade while helping business owners grow their profits through digital marketing. But, who is Sam really? What is he like in person? And, can you trust Sam Ovens? This full review of Sam will give you every insight you need on this dedicated entrepreneur.

Who Is Sam Ovens Really?

Sam Ovens is a 33 year old entrepreneur from New Zealand. After getting started in his early 20’s by selling his own courses and business consulting, he decided that he wanted to create and build more. Sam moved on to create – the #1 consulting program and course to help businesses scale profitably.

Sam is a very stoic and caring person who is focused on getting real results for his clients. He loves his team and is very close with those around him. You’ll find that Sam makes time for both his business and personal interests. Overtime his brand has became more personal and upfront.

At 33 years old he’s a young entrepreneur.

Following the creation of, Sam decided to create Skool. Skool is a community building tool where you can create your own private gamified communities.

Sam realized that he wanted a business model that was more scalable, while also seeing his talent to build powerful communities.

What Does Sam Ovens Do?

Sam helps businesses owners and entrepreneurs in 2 different ways right now.

  1. He helps businesses scale through his consulting program & training.
  2. He helps entrepreneurs create their own custom private communities they can personalize and gamify however they want.

Through his businesses, social media companies, and more – Sam has developed an incredible reputation for being a reliable and skill entrepreneur with pure intentions.

Sam loves to build creation tools where you can use them to enhance any business or passion.

Net Worth

Sam is worth around $10 million currently. He has 2 different businesses that generate a profitable 7 figure income. He is praised for his ability to teach other how to grow their businesses confidently and in a predictable way. His wealth will continue to grow as he expands his businesses and investments.

What Has Sam Created?

Sam Ovens has created 2 different businesses that are both wildly successful. Here’s what they are and how they work… Each business is profitable and helps both entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

The company known as Consulting or is essentially an advanced training course that walks you through how to setup, manage, and scale any kind of business you desire. It was Sam Ovens first, “real success” as a business owner.


Skool was recently created to help entrepreneurs be able to build and monetize their own private communities. With Facebook groups being congested and filled with ads, with Skool communities you have a focused ad free experience for all of your members.

Final Thoughts On Sam

Sam Ovens is a dedicated entrepreneur with a wholesome character. Whether you digest his content through his Skool community, YouTube channel, or email list – you can tell he is both truly knowledgeable and caring about what he teaches.

We highly recommend you invest your time, energy, and money with him.

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg