How To Increase Email Marketing ROI Fast

Being able to increase your ROI from email marketing can mean huge gains in profit margins. We’ll be walking through these exact strategies on how to increase email marketing ROI fast and efficiently.

Each strategy included as been researched and personally tested to be the best ways to get more conversions and profit. In fact we’ve used them to obtain an 8.4X profit margin in our own businesses! Let’s get started now…

How To Increase Email Marketing ROI Quickly

Increase How Often You Email Your List

Most businesses and entrepreneurs worry that they’re going to, “spam their list” or “annoy their leads” by emailing them frequently. This is not the case! You only are spamming your list if you aren’t emailing them valuable content.

You need to email high quality useful content that is entertaining, enticing, and educating for your subscribers. As well, you must email them more often. You should email your list of leads a minimum of 1 time every day.

You do this for 2 important reasons…

  1. To stay ahead of competition which may currently email more often then you
  2. To stay in front of your customers eyes and keep their attention

Simply emailing more often will increase your profitability and ROI, guaranteed.

Nurture You Leads With Quality Content

The more you actually help your audience get the results they want, the more they’ll trust & buy from you. The secret to nurturing your leads to the point they feel obligated to buy, is to actually just help them. Yes, sending an eBook or guide is great. But if you want lead retention and high ROI from your email marketing – here’s the type of nurturing content your list need to see.

  1. Walkthrough and training videos
  2. Social proof and stories of success with your products and servives
  3. Storytelling and valuable key information to solve their problems
  4. Variety of follow up that uses both logical and emotional messaging

Sell A Variety Of Products & Services To Your Subscribers

Your email marketing list wants more then just a single product or service. The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is thinking that they can sell a singular product and achieve high ROI. While it is possible, it is much easier to scale your profits by offering a variety of similar products and services.

You do this for 2 important reasons…

  1. Not every leads wants the main products or services you are offering
  2. Some customers may have needs where they need another product or service in order to solve all of their problems.

This high ROI email marketing tactic is very useful. Just test it out and you’ll see the difference!

Use List Segmentation

Emailing your users based upon the action they are taking is the best way to manage your leads for maximum ROI. The more you personalize follow up and make sure leads are getting content relevant to the interest they are showing – the faster you’ll convert your leads into life long customers.

Segment your leads based upon how they engage with your emails, checkout carts, and sales pages.

Split Test Emails And Automations

Split testing remains one of the fastest ways to increase profit margins. You see, with a split test you are able to very quickly identify if a variation of an email gets higher open, click through, and purchase rates.

This instant different or increase in results can help you identify exact strategies to implement in order to raise profits & all metrics immediately.

You should split test the following…

  1. Welcome series
  2. Sales broadcasts
  3. Follow up series / automations
  4. Headlines
  5. Call to actions
  6. Body copy
  7. Email open time
  8. Segment of list

Personalize Your Email Marketing Strategy

The final way you can increase your email marketing ROI is to personalize your email follow up. This means you need to use tags and data to personalize content to each specific lead.

Some CRM’s and autoresponders have these features, while others don’t. If you want to grow ROI and profit more, get one that does.

You can personalize emails through someone’s name, actions, email, and so much more. The more personal a lead feels an email is, the more receptive they are to that email. Meaning more conversions, opens, click throughs, and more.

How To Measure ROI In Email Marketing

You can measure your ROI from email marketing through accurate tracking and data. With the right autoresponder or CRM – you can usually integrate your email service with your payment processor.

Through this integration or connection – either service will be able to show you sales generated by specific emails sent out to your list.

This way you can track the revenue and sales produced.

Simply subtract your advertising cost from your total revenue generated by email marketing, and that will give you your total ROI produced from just email marketing.

Does Email Marketing Have The Highest ROI?

Yes, it’s been proven from various research and studies that email marketing is in fact the highest converting form of media. Companies record and show they generate a comfortable profit from all of their email marketing.

This is why the email marketing strategies for ROI we’ve gone through are so critical for your success. Because the majority of your profit will be generated from your email list, depending on how you nurture your subscribers.

Email Marketing ROI Formula

The simple email marketing ROI formula is this: “Total email marketing revenue generated – Total advertising costs spend on lead generation = ROI from email marketing.”

That’s it! It is easy to use if you have tracking in place where you can clearly have accurate data on both email marketing sales & your advertising costs.

We hope you learned a lot in the article and we wish you the best!

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg