Omnichannel Lead Generation Guide & How It Works

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are seeking new ways to generate quality leads. Most of them don’t realize that they already have every lead generation method they need, right in front of them. It’s called, “omnichannel lead generation” – and it is one of the fastest ways to generate a massive amount of qualified leads from a variety of different marketing channels.

In fact, omnichannel lead generation combines all kinds of lead generation, done in a combined effort through every marketing channel available. This guide will walk you though exactly what omnichannel lead gen is in more detail, and how you can start doing it today.

What Is Omnichannel Lead Generation?

Omnichannel lead generation is the production of leads generated through every available marketing channel a business has available to it. An exact example of omnichannel lead generation would be if a business used social media marketing, paid lead generation, and blogging all at once – to generate leads.

Omnichannel lead gen is a more advanced marketing strategy that is highly effective at producing a variety of results. Here are some of the effects of using omnichannel lead generation strategies…

  1. Increase lead production
  2. Increase lead quality
  3. Increase lead retention
  4. Increased customer acquisition
  5. Increase in brand recognition
  6. Increase in conversion rates

How Does Omnichannel Lead Generation Work?

Omni-channel lead generation is as simple as a business owner or entrepreneur deciding they’re going to generate leads using every possible method at their disposal. An example of this, would be if an entrepreneur selling supplements decided to use all 5 methods they know of for generating leads vs using just 1 or 2.

Here’s an example of a lead generation omnichannel strategy…

  1. Generate leads through SEO and blogging.
  2. Generate leads through content marketing and social media.
  3. Generate leads through paid lead generation channels
  4. Generate leads through outreach.
  5. Generate leads through inbound lead generation.
  6. Paying for leads or lead packages

That would be a proper omnichannel lead production strategy that would most likely be very successful.

How To Do Omnichannel Lead Generation

If you’re looking to begin doing omnichannel lead generation yourself, here’s the best strategy to get started.

Gather Together & Write Down Available Methods Of Lead Generation

The first step to properly setting up an omnichannel campaign, is to acknowledge the available lead generation resources you have at your disposal. Take time to write down or digitally record the total number and kinds of lead generation you can easily do within reason. Usually a business is able to come up with at 3 different kinds of lead generation they can be doing simultaneously.

The most popular forms of lead generation are…

  1. Content production
  2. Paid lead generation through PPC, CPA networks, or paid social media campaigns
  3. Outreach and outbound lead gen methods

Set Up All Of Your Lead Generation Channels

Once you have clearly identified each of the most effective lead gen channels you have available to you, begin setting up each channel for lead generation activities. This may include…

  1. Setting Up Ads
  2. Creating Content Templates
  3. Creating Outreach Messages

In order to start generating leads consistently, you’ll need each process for generating the leads to be set up correctly.

Utilize And Drive Traffic With Each Channel

Once you have set up all of your lead generation channels – to create your omnichannel strategy – start doing the actions in each that generate leads. This means you’ll most likely start…

  1. Creating content
  2. Running & managing your ads
  3. Sending emails out to potential prospects

Whether you’re using paid or organic lead strategies, do your best to use as many of them in combination as you can. The more lead generation that is being done on a consistent basis across as many channels as possible, means a thriving and successful lead campaign.

Scale Efforts And Hire Lead Gen Experts

Generating more quality leads is the first step to scaling any business. But, your omnichannel lead strategy does not stop here. You’ll need to also do the following in order to scale your omnichannel lead production…

  1. Raise lead conversion rates by optimizing your lead generation processes
  2. Increase lead production related activities
  3. Hire and outsource employees to do lead production for you

Final Thoughts

If you’re wanting to have your business become more profitable, a lead generation campaign done through an omnichannel strategy is your best chance at success.

Omnichannel marketing is a new concept that is starting to become more and more popular as people realize that this business practice is the key to producing a much more profitable business.

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With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

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