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Those looking to learn more about affiliate marketing are wondering, is the industry still alive? Is affiliate marketing worth doing in todays world? This short and detailed review will quickly help you learn the truth about affiliate marketing. Keep in mind that this information is coming from experience being affiliate marketers for over 20 years.

Let’s walk through if affiliate marketing is dead, what the future is like for affiliates, and how you can take advantage of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?

No, affiliate marketing is not dead. Affiliate marketing is actually growing quite rapidly as an industry. Statistics show that affiliate marketing is growing rapidly and will soon generate over $8.2 billion. As well, 8 out of 10 businesses on average use affiliate marketing regularly.

You see, affiliate marketing is alive more then it has ever been. It is transforming into one of the most profitable ways for anyone to make money online, period. It is a completely legal, ethical, and profitable business practice.

Even religions like Muslim & Islamic people see affiliate marketing as halal, or good. It is accepted across the world and quickly becoming one of the biggest side hustles. Some people are even turning to affiliate marketing to build their entire career.

Because of the massive growth happening for most affiliate marketers and affiliate programs, it is a great industry to become a part of.

Will Affiliate Marketing Ever Die Off?

No, affiliate marketing is here to stay. After year after year record growth occurring regularly, the affiliate world will always thrive. The fundamentals of affiliate marketing have been practiced for tens of thousands of years. Since affiliate marketing is based off of referral marketing, it is a business practice that has practically always existed.

Affiliate marketing has shown itself to be quite profitable as well. There are some affiliate marketers that generate $10’s millions every single year with quite high profit margins.

All evidence points to the continuation of affiliate marketing for 100’s or even possibly 1000’s of years to come.

Final Thoughts

Overall the affiliate way of being an entrepreneur is helping millions of people generate incomes from home. As well, affiliate marketing is giving businesses new ways to generate customers without paying money out of pocket.

It is a fast growing business practice that will continue to scale for an indefinite amount of time. You should consider getting involved with affiliate marketing if you’re looking to generate a reliable income online, or if you want affiliates to promote your own products or services.

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