Hazardous Waste Cleaning


Exposure or ingestion of hazardous wastes or chemicals poses a serious threat of illness. Keeping environments clear of hazardous material is imperative to ensuring personal and public safety. Waste is considered hazardous when its contents have the property to harm human health or the environment. Tackling hazardous waste is dangerous without the proper protective equipment and expertise. Oates Environmental are experts in cleaning and clearing hazardous wastes and environments.

Firstly, find out whether a waste is hazardous and classify this waste. Check the waste code associated to the material. Usually, hazardous waste will have an asterisk after its name. Some wastes may be considered both hazardous and non-hazardous. This depends on how much of a dangerous substance the waste contains. At this point you must determine how much hazardous waste is present in the material. This information is usually found on the manufacturer’s product safety data sheet. If you are still unsure whether your waste is hazardous or not, contact the Environment Agency or a professional waste management service such asOates Environmental to find out more information.

Be clear about your waste management plan. Delegate collection and disposal duties before the project starts to ensure that these responsibilities are maintained throughout the lifespan of the project. Enforcing a sound waste management plan before the project starts is a key component to avoiding problematic issues later on.

Take into account environmental factors such as rough terrain or broken glass. Taking the time to plan the collection and disposal of the waste is necessary and can prevent further complications. Thoroughly surveying the site beforehand can save both time and money in the long run.

Make surethe proper equipment and clothing is being used throughout the entirety of the project. Use personal protective equipment(PPE) that adheres to national regulations. This will ensure personal safety and reduce the risk of harm.

Be prepared. It may not be clear on first inspection that a material is hazardous or presents a risk. Further, while most hazardous materials carry orange and black danger symbols or red and white hazard pictograms, it may not be obvious where these materials have been stored improperly. Surveying a site which has been exposed to hazardous waste without the presence of professional waste management services is a danger in itself.

Consider using a professional waste management service such as Oates Environmental to aid in cleaning or clearing your hazardous waste. Clearing hazardous waste can be an arduous task and cleaning the site afterwards can prove to be just as difficult. Consulting a professional waste management service is a time and cost-effective alternative to cleaning hazardous material personally.

Oftentimes, cleaning hazardous waste needs to be done in a timely manner. Chemicals or toxic substances, when mixed, can produce devastating effects and increase the risk of harm. Professional services such as Oates Environmental are experts in tackling hazardous waste quickly and safely. Take into account your own peace of mind. Consult Oates Environmental to clean and clear hazardous wastes and environments.