What is Powder Coating and How Can I Use It?


Powder coating is a finish that can be applied to a range of different surfaces and materials. The powder is applied electrostatically. After this, the item is placed in an oven and cured under heat. The heat causes the powder to flow and cover the item, forming a skin. Powder coating is used because it forms a very durable, flexible and tough finish. This finish is far superior to paint.

Another advantage with powder coating is that it is available in almost a endless range of colours. Colour combinations can also be faded and blended together to create some very interesting effects. It is a process that can be used for one off items, small batches and mass production.

Powder coating is a very environmentally friendly process as there are no solvents and therefore no volatile organic compounds. Which of course are extremely toxic for the fabricator as well as the environment.

Traditionally, it was always metal that was powder coated. Recent developments mean it can now be used on other materials such as MDF.

What is Powder Coating Used For?

The actual powder coating process was developed by a German scientist in the 1940s. From that moment it has been used in every industry that makes use of metal. For example, the car and motorbike industry, bicycle frame manufacturers, sewing machine manufacturers and outdoor furniture makers. Today, it is widely used in the car industry, both in general manufacture and for custom parts. Other uses include signage, public sculptures, white goods and office equipment.

Materials That Can be Powder Coated

The most common material for powder coating is metal. However, it is possible to coat a range of other materials using this process. Wood, plastic, glass, composites and MDF can all benefit from powder coating. One important consideration when powder coating anything other than metal is the temperatures that will have to be endured during the curing part of the process. The temperature can reach 400 degrees. Another problem with non-metallic items is that they aren’t conductive. The way to get around this problem is to heat the item first. The powder coating is applied before the item cools. It sticks to the surface because it will slightly melt on contact. Powder coating in this way requires skill and experience. It is very easy to apply a coat which is too thick.

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