25 Email Marketing Statistics You Need To Know

As an email marketer it is your job to understand important statistics on email marketing. Knowing that stats and facts of the industry allows you to create more effective email marketing campaigns that generate better results over all.

This article will review the most important email marketing statistics that you need to know today. These stats we’ve researched to be accurate and helpful to improve your email strategy.

Our own dedicated research and strategy has also been used to discover these metrics you should be aware of. Checkout these 22 statistics now and use them to improve your email follow up!

Email Marketing Statistics That Matter Most

  1. Email marketing is the highest converting form of marketing to date. (Around $36 per $1 spent on advertising)
  2. Over 40% of companies are increasing how much they spend on email marketing.
  3. The majority of email marketers report positive ROI from all email
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Alex Hormozi Book Review: $100M Offers

After finishing reading the outstanding $100M offers book, I found myself impressed by the amazing literature that Alex Hormozi published. Even after being in business for over a decade this book taught me the real importance of developing an offer so good that people are stupid to say no. In fact, this book was one of the best books on business that I’ve ever read!

This Alex Hormozi book review will go through exactly why $100M offers is an outstanding read you should consider learning about. And yes, I’ve read the entire book twice! I know everything Alex teaches in the offer building masterpiece.

What Is $100M Offers About?

The $100M offers book teaches you about how to structure offers so good that your audience feels that they would be stupid to say no. But, what does this actually mean? It means that this book shows you how to create

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Sam Ovens Review: The Founder Of Skool And Consulting.com

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time, Sam Ovens is an influential multi-business owner. Sam has been in business for well over a decade while helping business owners grow their profits through digital marketing. But, who is Sam really? What is he like in person? And, can you trust Sam Ovens? This full review of Sam will give you every insight you need on this dedicated entrepreneur.

Who Is Sam Ovens Really?

Sam Ovens is a 33 year old entrepreneur from New Zealand. After getting started in his early 20’s by selling his own courses and business consulting, he decided that he wanted to create and build more. Sam moved on to create Consulting.com – the #1 consulting program and course to help businesses scale profitably.

Sam is a very stoic and caring person who is focused on getting real results for his clients. He loves his

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