Best Email Marketing Content To Send To Your Email List

Whether it’s a special discount, digital brochure, or your newest product launch – deciding what kind of email marketing content you’re going to send is important. We’ve collected the most profitable types of email content you can use to increase your email metrics.

You don’t want to be lazy with the content you send to list. Because your subscribers and leads will buy at a much higher conversion rate when they are properly shown a variety of content they can relate to. You’ll find some great examples of high quality content you can send from the content ideas we’ve put together below.

1. Welcome Email Series

Every email campaign needs a proper welcome series in place. This series of automated emails is the first few communications you have with your leads. They are important for making a great impression. As well, your first few emails you send to any email list are often the most opened and clicked on.

This is because when people first opt-in to an email list, they are the most engaged and ready to buy. Because of this, it’s crucial you build a strong relationship with them from the start. Make sure you have a clear cut welcome email series that’s between 5-7 emails long.

This series of emails should do that following…

  1. Illustrate what your products and services provide
  2. Build a bond or trust with your audience
  3. Engage your audience
  4. Move your audience to buy your product and service

2. Nurturing Content

You often hear in the email marketing world that it is important that you nurture your leads. This is true! But, very few email marketing experts can actually tell you what nurturing email content look like.

Nurturing content is any content that…

  • Entertains – Storytelling, Funny Videos, Parodies, Music Videos, etc…
  • Entices – Deals, Discounts, Guarantees, Offers, etc…
  • Educates – How To, Guides, Walkthroughs, Social Proof, etc…

Because these 3 kinds of email content are what fundamentally can build a relationship and trust with your audience quickly. So make sure any content you produce serves one of these 3 functions.

3. Deadline Sequence Emails

You know what is one of the best ways to get leads to buy? Using a deadline sequence that involves scarcity. Yes, your leads need to actually feel the pressure to buy. You create this, “pressure” by….

  1. Having a limited time offer that will expire.
  2. Limiting the number of X or Y products / services being sold.

This creates a frame of though in your leads that signals them that if they are interested in what you’re offering, they must buy now or lose out.

4. Storytelling Email Content

People relate best to stories when they’re communicated to. It’s been shown that throughout all of history that stories “cut through” objections and can help you better relate. You should use storytelling in email content you send out so your audiences feels you have ways to relate with them other then simply selling them.

You should tell stories that involve real personal experiences to how your product or service can get customers better results. (Or solve their problems)

5. Testimonials & Reviews

Social proof – is one of the fastest ways to a leads or prospects heart. Because of this you’ll want to use testimonials and reviews throughout all of your communication. This means that your email marketing, follow up, messaging, ads, and sales funnels – can all use testimonials to increase your metrics.

Doing so can help you get massively increased conversion rates from turning leads to customers.

6. Emails Based On Their Behaviors

The highest converting way to email customers so they take action, is to email them based on the actions they are taking within your CRM, autoresponder, ESP. Let’s explain…

When a lead does, or doesn’t take action – that signals to your lead management software those specific actions. You can use this information to your advantage! Leads who are active, opening emails, and clicking on links – you can segment them into a more “aggressive sales” based email series.

For leads who are inactive and not clicking or opening emails – you can segment leads based on these behaviors and send them a specific email series to re-engage them.

You can segment leads based on…

  1. Clicking on emails
  2. Opening emails
  3. Buying products or services
  4. Lead scoring
  5. And so much more!

7. Entertaining Videos & Skits

What really makes your customers and leads want to buy? Being able to entertain or make them laugh. The most successful digital marketing campaigns – many lead by the Harmon Brothers – shows that people relate to ads & emails that show real personality.

Yes, human marketing still works! You’ll want to shoot a few funny sketches, music videos, and other related content. Then, send that content over to your email list and you will see higher percentages of your leads becoming customers in no time!

Final Thoughts

These content strategies are easy to implement for any business model. To see real success with these tips, you’ll want to use many of them at once.

Apply these email marketing content strategies to all of your email broadcasts and email automations – and your email profits will grow quite quickly!

With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg